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Game-changing technology to upcycle brewer's spent grains, increasing an existing resource's yield and value.


Millions of tons of food are lost yearly, while at the same time, more and more people are becoming food insecure. Our food system is fundamentally unsustainable and unfair. Agrain is working to disrupt the food system and change it to circular, sustainable, and fair. Our method is upcycling of resources lost in the early part of the value chain, in processing, through accessible and affordable technology and strategic deployment of IP.


Aviaja Riemann-Andersen

Co-Founder & CEO

Karin Beukel

Co-Founder & CEO


Agrain, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been developing a proprietary upcycling technology to valorise Brewer's Spent Grain (BSG) into ingredients, focussing on flour and liquid products. After launching a BtC brand, the main focus will be on BtB ingredients that can be applied to existing recipes, enhancing its nutritional profile while being fully functional. Using BSG as a raw material, Agrain's commercially viable ingredients provide superior value as one of the most sustainable food products. In addition, the unique patent portfolio protects the technology for in-house production and highly scalable business models, such as Joint Ventures and licensing.

Founded by Karin Beukel and Aviaja Riemann-Andersen. For Karin and Aviaja, it was the visualisation of the potential impact Agrain could have on the global food system and the world. Karin finds her deepest motivation in combatting food scarcity and Hunger. Aviaja's primary motivation lies in optimising our resource efficiency to recover our biodiversity and preserve our planet.