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Bio-processed ingredients from fermentation technologies.


Done Properly challenges the current ingredient market by providing the food industry with healthier alternatives. Through proprietary fermentation processes (patent pending), Done Properly creates 100% natural, sustainable, and vegan ingredients with molecular precision.

Done Properly’s client-centric modus operandi and innovative ingredients help food manufacturers reduce R&D costs and reformulation time to adopt new food trends. Founded in 2019, DP has quickly gained traction amongst international industry players securing partnership agreements with global food manufacturers to reformulate products with DP ingredients.


Done Properly is a Chilean biotechnology company, developing the next-generation food ingredients for the future economy through fermentation of agro-industrial side stream and plant-based raw materials unique in sustainability and efficiency. In addition, DP offers solutions to help with salt reduction, flavour enhancement, and new protein alternatives.

Addressing two pain points, food waste and functional ingredients, based in Chile, where the FoP labelling law was first implemented. Done Properly has positioned itself as a manufacturer of commercially viable flavour enhancers and mycoprotein that provide superior functionalities and improved nutritional profiles of many processed foods. Done Properly is well-positioned to provide safe and circular ingredients to the mass market without compromising taste, texture, and price by addressing two primary market and regulation movements.


Eduardo Zavala

Co-Founder & CEO

Claudio Pedreros

Co-Founder & CMO

Freddy Boehmwald

Co-Founder & COO

Javier Olave

Co-Founder & CSO