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Transformative nanoscale barrier coating that enables sustainable packaging solutions to keep products fresh and eliminate plastic waste.


300 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced annually. This is a pressing global challenge, and 170 nations have pledged to significantly reduce plastic use by 2030. There is a transition to use recyclable and biodegradable sustainable packaging due to new regulations and changes in consumer behavior. Plastic bags and some other single-use plastic products have already been banned in over 80 countries. Hence, new regulations and consumer pressure are making sustainable packaging necessary. 

However, sustainable packaging materials lack the moisture and oxygen barrier performances that are the main properties found in conventional multilayer plastic packaging, which are essential for keeping products fresh. Multilayer plastic packaging poses recycling challenges and is not biodegradable. Therefore, solving the barrier problem of sustainable packaging means we could finally replace multilayer packaging, which is crucial in combating the plastic pollution we face.


Located in the innovation hub of Waterloo, Canada, Nfinite Nanotech is at the forefront of advanced materials. Nfinite’s revolutionary open-air nanocoating technology sets new industry benchmarks by producing superior ultra-thin films economically. The process is applied at low temperatures in the open air without a vacuum chamber, enabling integration into existing manufacturing facilities.

Driven by a mission to address global environmental challenges, Nfinite leverages cutting-edge nanotechnology to deliver scalable and sustainable solutions. 

Over the past years, Nfinite’s nanocoatings have emerged as game-changers, with the potential to:

  • Accelerate the adoption of compostable and recyclable packaging.
  • Prolong the shelf-life of products.
  • Revolutionize the packaging sector by enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Envisioning a future where all packaging in the world will be recyclable and compostable, Nfinite’s nanocoating technology will be the trusted solution for eco-conscious consumers. Seeing Nfinite’s logo on products on the shelf will mean that consumers can be confident the product is safe and the packaging is part of a circular economy.