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Reusable E-Commerce packaging.


The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially in the past decade, generating around 200B pieces of packaging waste annually. Through proprietary packaging design (patent granted), innovative labelling, partnerships with main post offices and software, Re-Zip is well-positioned to become the market leader for the reusable e-commerce packaging market.

By connecting logistical infrastructures, RE-ZIP enables convenient and efficient processing of circular packaging. The end goal is to compete on price with single-use packaging, making reusable packaging the preferred choice for any e-commencer.  

Re-Zips packaging will help webshops comply with waste reduction legislation while meeting customer demands for sustainability and competitive prices. It allows online shoppers to contribute to nature conservation by returning their empty packaging for reuse instead of wasting it. Additionally,  with a RE-ZIP Tag on reusable packaging, consumers can be rewarded for each return on their mobile device.



Re-Zip is a Denmark-based company aiming to reduce single-use packaging within the e-commerce industry. RE-ZIP's circular packaging concept challenges single-use packaging head-on with patented and foldable packaging, a dense return point network and a state-of-the-art software solution, enabling webshops to save 100% on packaging costs, increase retention and reduce CO2 emissions.

By establishing partnerships with the courier and postal companies globally, Re-Zip provides the infrastructure and operating system to make reusable packaging as easy and convenient as single-use packaging (i.e., no waste, higher quality packaging, impact tracking) without disruption to the consumer.